From: Perk on
Hi all,

Here�s a long one but it�s necessary that it be that way.

A very short time ago I bought a used HP Photosmart 8750 and have been
trying to install the software. I haven�t an accurate count but it
surely must be approaching a dozen times that I have installed &
uninstalled it.

I did get it to get it installed in a sort of �transitory� way (long
enough to print a couple of excellent prints for me), the trouble is
that it disappeared from the list of printers upon the next boot-up.

I�ve uninstalled and re-installed it till I�ve lost count of the number
of times, but now all that shows up when I try to print something, in
Word, for example, is something called HP Photosmart remote printers.
Though I do know what it is, I have no interest in at all.

Wha Hoppen ???????

Thanks, Perk