From: Outlook2007UserfromColumbus on

How do I save an email with HTML that has to go to a server to get the
pictures. The message is displayed correctly on my computer when I open it.
However, when I am backing it up and this email is old and those links from
the previous email that goest to a site to get the images are no longer
available, I lose my email.

I would hope that Microsoft would have thought about this issue and has a
solution as I cannot believe that I am the only person in the world that
wants to keep an original email that was in HTML format with pictures that I
have already downloaded once, can be saved on my local machine so that I can
back it up and 2 or 3 years later when I go back to this email, I can see it
in its original content even if the server that hosted that html page with
images is no longer available.

So the question is to summarize: How to save an HTML formatted emal with
pictures that have already been downloaded once so that if the server no
longer has that html page i still can see the email in it's original format
when i restore the backup file a couple of years later or after that site is
no longer available.