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This morning (computer was not used for over 11 hours; screen saver came
up after 75 minutes; monitor went to sleep after two hours), my 19"
Samsung 931BF LCD monitor (VGA connection due to an old KVM switch)
wouldn't wake up for the first time with this 10-11 months old ATI
Radeon HD 4870 video card (512 MB) and system (did a major upgrade end
of December 2008. My other computer with its EVGA GeForce 8800 GT, again
on KVM and VGA connection, detected the monitor's wakeup just fine.

I checked my updated Windows XP Pro. SP3 (IE6)'s event logs and nothing
odd about this. I was able to connect to my computer remotely with SSH
connection and it wasn't frozen. I just couldn't wake up the monitor. I
tried killing ccc.exe too, but that didn't help. Is there a way to
restart the video driver's signal or something? I checked thc video
cables too and nothing helped. I did a psshutdown -r -f with via SSH and
was able to see my screen after the computer reboot.

I recall my five years old office machine (onboard ATI Radeon X300?) did
it a few times, rarely, and could not figure out why (even driver
upgrades). So I disabled its monitor sleep and turned off the monitor
manually (I rarely forget, but if I did then my employer's boring screen
saver runs). If I still can't fix it on my home PC, I might have to do
the same trick. :(

Has anyone seen this problem before? I have never seen this sleep and
wakeup problem on non-ATI video cards with various NVIDIA video cards
(GeForce 4200, 5200, 6800 AGP, and 7950 GT KO) and formerly 3Dfx
(Monsters 3D 1-Voodoo 1 and Creative 3D Blaster-Voodoo 2) and 2D cards
(before 3D cards like Diamond Stealth).

Thank you in advance. :)
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