From: FutureShock on
Erland Sommarskog wrote:
> FutureShock (futureshock(a) writes:
>> I have been using SQL Server 2005 for a total of 2 days and am trying to
>> transfer table data from one server to another.
>> For whatever reason the original operator only gave us the DB in a BAK
>> file. The new server for security purpose won't accept that for a
>> restore unless it was made on their server.
> I think you should look for a new hosting service, and tell this service
> that you are no longer interested in them.
> The absolutely best way to move a database between one server to another
> is through backup/restore. To wit, this reduces the risk that something
> gets mangled in the copying.
> Security issues? Of course, the database could include that is malicious
> to the server, if their procedures are open to SQL injection. But it
> would be no different if you load the server from scripts.
> If you want to pursue this operator, you can try the Database
> Publishing Wizard,
> A410-371A838E570A&displaylang=en
> It's not a bad idea to supplement with Red Gate's SQL Compare and SQL
> Data Compare, to check that the wizard did not introduce changes.
Ok I downloaded this wizard and it worked perfectly. It allowed me to
finish up the rest of my restoration efforts.