From: oijr on

"jrw1" wrote:

> On Windows Update I was able to download the following 7 updates:
> KB951698/KB951376/KB890830/KB950760/KB950762/KB950759/KB942763
> However, I then got a message that all of them failed to install. I tried to
> install them individually and I always get the same message: "FAILED UPDATES"
> and "Problem: A problem on your computer is preventing updates from being
> downloaded or installed.".
> I tried restarting my computer but that didn't work. I turned off my
> anti-virus & firewall programs - that didn't work. There is no specific error
> code specifying why they can't be installed.
> When I log onto Windows Updates there is an information note next to each of
> them saying that they have been downloaded but that they still need to be
> installed.
> I have XP SP3 installed as well as Genuine Advantage Validation Tool.
> Please help - what is causing this problem?