From: michael20545 on
Thank you Martin, Willem, sln, Wolf for your replies,
but I found that Inkscape does not work (at least on Windows) in
multiple instances :(

But your suggestions were useful for creating graphs with gnuplot (11
vs 27 seconds for creating 215 graphs).
Here is the last version (thanks Wolf for suggestion to use Thread::Queue).

use strict;
use threads;
use threads::shared;
use Thread::Queue;
my @files=<*.gp>;
my $q=new Thread::Queue;
$q->enqueue($_) for @files;
my @threads;
push @threads,threads->new(\&make_svg,$_) for 1..3;
$_->join for @threads;
sub make_svg
my $thrnum=$_[0];
while(my $file=$q->dequeue_nb)
print "$thrnum $file\n";
`gnuplot $file`;

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