From: William B. Lurie on
>>> Suddenly, with no changes in my system other than
>>> >> >subscribing to a news server, on bootup I find for many
>>> >> >minutes, 99% CPU usage by Helpsvc.exe--SYSTEM.
>>> >> >
>>> >> >What is it doing, who asked it to, and why is it
>>> >> >taking so long?
>> >>
>> >> I doubt if it's anything to do with subscribing to this group...
>> >> describing an old bug that seems to have reappeared for some
users after
>> >> installation of XP SP3.
>> >>
>> >> If so you might try the following:
>> >>
>> >> Start> Run> type: services.msc then OK.
>> >> Scroll down to Help and Support and double click it.
>> >> In the Startup type: on the drop-down, select manual. On the
Service status:
>> >> select the Stop button. Then Apply and OK.
> >
I posted the above on the news server and they suggested
I ask back here, where some of the MVPs are still active.....
This may have to do with the fact that I recently 'upgraded'
to SP3.