From: lapelican on
This week my Office Outlook 2003 seems to be "active" all of the time, even
though it appears that I have signed out, i.e. I get the notification pop-up,
etc. When I click on the Outlook icon, the Office Outlook 2003 page does not
pop up; it goes directly to the list of emails, etc. I also cannot access my
webmail from another computer as it "thinks" that I am actively using
Outlook. I have right clicked on the Outlook icon but can not get any thing
that seems to help. I also noticed at the same time that an additional
Outlook icon appeared on the bottom right on my desk top, along with the icon
for security, sound, etc. Bottomline, I want to be able to totally get out
of Outlook but seem not to be able to do this. Note: I am not a computer
whiz and don't do any "exploring" on my computer; I can't believe that I
have somehow caused this to happen by looking at settings, etc. which I don't
ever do.

Thank you for any assistance.