From: morgenroete1979 on
Hello Everybody,
I want to start a LabVIEW programm through start from another program.
How can I connect the LabVIEW .VI program with another program?
e.g. if I want to start a CoDeSys programm with press a "start" bottom, can I connect this "start" in the LabVIEW program and start the LabVIEW program in same time?
Thanks a lot.
From: smercurio_fc on
I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're asking. Could you rephrase it? Is this "other program" another LabVIEW program, or some other application? Which "start bottom" are you referring to? Are you referring to the Windows "Start"?
From: MikeS81 on
see this for more informations. <a href=";view=by_date_ascending&amp;" target="_blank">;view=by_date_ascending&amp;</a>