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Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Dear all, I am encountering troubles relating to controlling optical spectrum analyzer.. I follow exactly the commands in programming user guide but it turns out many errors. So, is there anyone here having some experiences with OSA controller? Could you help me? Thank all ... 19 Jul 2010 05:54
XY graph two y labels
Hi I am trying to have an XY plot with a y scale on the left and on the right and want 2 labels for them. I use property nodes to programmatically set the label by writing to the the variable Yscale.NameLbl.Text but this changes both labels. Does anyone know if it is possible to change them independently? Tha... 8 Jul 2010 15:51
How to access .NET 4.0 Assemblies in LabVIEW
Hi Newsgroup, I'm trying to update my LV App that references some .NET Assemblies. The assemblies have been updated to run with the .NET 4.0 Run Time. In LabVIEW 8.6 I cannot load such assemblies. Is there a any way to use .NET 4.0 assemblies with any version of LabVIEW (2009 would be available)? Thanks f... 17 Jun 2010 04:36
newbie, problem creating exe from vi
Dear all, I tried creating an "exe" file from a vi. When I build the exe it says "some resources not found in x.vi->y.vi->z.vi". How do I troubleshoot this. What is the default directory for all the LabView dependencies required for exe creation. I tried Project -> View Dependencies but n clue. What is the general... 20 May 2010 01:55
Building an Embedded Device/System? Tell VDC about your experiences for a chance to WIN!
VDC is conducting its annual survey of mobile and embedded engineers so if you are involved in the engineering of mobile or embedded systems/software, this is your chance to influence key solution suppliers. The research covers embedded software, hardware, tools, and development practices. Your thoughts will imp... 18 May 2010 13:39
Program to pic random files
I have a folder with thousands of pics in it. I need a way to randomly pic just 1000 and store in another folder..Anyone seen anything like this? ... 17 May 2010 10:11
Matrix Adjoint
I can only find Matrix inverse. Is there an adjoint vi? Hardy ... 29 Mar 2010 14:43
String problem How to delete and replace line
Could someone please point me to an example of how to delete and replace a specific line in a text file? I use several colums that store settings and everything works fine except I can't figure out how to delete a specific line and replace it. I can keep adding settings but can't delete and replace. Everything... 17 Mar 2010 14:44
API call - get a measurement/value
Hey everyone! I just started having a closer look at LabView (not impressed with the sloggish performance of my system since I installed the development environment, but that's different topic). Anyways - since my googling skills seem to be failing me this time: I want to use an API call to fetch a measure... 29 Mar 2010 12:27
Problems with two edge separation
I'm trying to do two edge separation, but having some problems. Specifically, I never get a result, and instead get Error -200474 occurred at DAQmx Read (Counter DBL 1Chan 1Samp).vi:3, suggesting that the timeout expired. I'm using a PCI-6229 with a BNC-2120 on LabView 8.0. For testing, I've connected two switc... 4 Mar 2010 18:03
Capturing a web page with Labview
Does anyone know of a VI that will snap a web page running in a browser and convert to a basic gif or jpg image. ... 3 Mar 2010 09:31
Why is SI Read and LVsound.dll issue still not resloved?
Is there a reason NI continues to not adress and fix issues with Simltanious sound in and sound out? This bug is present in all versions to date. Please don't ask me to post the hundreds of configurations that have been tried. You people know of the issue and refuse to fix it. Why? That's all I ask. The best... 24 Feb 2010 19:58
Event structure challenge Please help.
I have this bug that is driving me crazy. Spent 2 day's and still no where. I won't ask why the most simple things are the hardest with labview becuase that will just open a can of worms. Anyway, here is what I can't figure out. I have an ok button that is activated through a AI channel. When high the button go... 22 Feb 2010 04:08
Rotronic Humidity sensor
Anybody here with some expierence connecting these sensors via USB to labview? Thanks for help Peter Tate ... 14 Feb 2010 11:46
Solar Array Simulator
Anyone out there that has used the labview drivers to control the HP/ Agilent E4350 SAS? ... 17 Nov 2009 16:18
CVI user interface controls integration with wxWidgets
Hello everyone, I am writing an application to visualize some signals using wxWidgets and LabWindows CVI to access a NI-DAQ card. Until now I have visualized the acquired signals using an interface made in CVI and its controls in an external application. What I am looking for is a way to integrate the functio... 12 Nov 2009 11:42
Tab control in labVIEW 8.2
Hey everyone. I am wondering if anyone has some example code for tabbing control. The tabbing control I have is 1 tab with the following tabs: 1. Main 2. Machine 1 3. Machine 2 4. Machine 3 5. Machine 4 6. Machine 5 7. Machine 6 Then each machine has a separate tab control underneath that has 6 ... 24 Oct 2009 15:29
Windows messaging
I am interested to know how to communicate with another program using Windows messaging from LabVIEW. I did not develop the program with which I want to communicate. The developer allows other programs to interact with it using Windows messaging. I need to post messages to that application and receive messag... 23 Oct 2009 11:04
While loop takes control of everything, i.e. stop a while loop
Hi everybody, I have a problem with a while loop, which I don't manage to stop as it takes control of everything. So, the problem is the following. I wrote a vi to control an Optical Spectrum Analyzer and I need it to scan a trace every Ta seconds. The scan must start when the user presses the button "Start dat... 22 Sep 2009 07:19
Keithley 2700 driver bug?
Hi, I think there is bug in the Configure Filter.vi (ke2700.llb). In the string constant "\s%.;:AVER:WIND\s%f\n;" the " \s%." elements are wrong. Alexander ... 16 Sep 2009 08:25
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