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Re : Re: Re : Re: Problem with TDMS in Matlab
Hi Chris M.,after working on a different project I returned to my tdms-Stream. As I wrote in my last message the inital error when using the 'ReadTDMData'-example disappeared after I made the changes you proposed. I didn't worry much about the blank screen when testing the routine with the 'SineData.tdm' file since I b... 28 Jul 2008 20:17
Publishing the instrument configuration?
Firstly, excuse my ignorance - I'm still pretty new... I have an instrument, which is actually a camera but for the sake of argument could be anything. This camera has an internal configuration, called "attributes" in LV I think. My first point of confusion came when I tried adjusting the config in the camera using i... 24 Jul 2008 10:49
GPIB instruments connected through Agilent USB/GPIB Interface canbee seen in MAX but can't communicate in labview
I have an Agilent 82357B USB/GPIB Interface connected to my computer.  Attached to that, I have two lock-in amplifiers (an SR830, and an SR 850).  I would like to be able to communicate with them through GPIB. I have downloaded and installed the software for the Agilent device (Agilent IO Control), and... 18 Jul 2008 16:30
meauring the period of a differential TTL signal
Hi all, My system has a pci-6052e series card connected to an scxi-1000 chassis and i am using an scxi-1302 terminal block to access the counter pins from the card. I have a differential square wave (ttl compatible according to the manufacturer) signal that i want to measure the period (and frequency) of. The signal is... 18 Jul 2008 17:32
CWGraph3D Solution
I've been on the forum looking for a good 3D graph example and found several, mostly CWGrah3D.  But no matter how I try to wire my arrays into the graph I can't get my data to look as expected.  I decided to make a drawing and hopefully someone could help out.  I don't need to display arrows (there ... 25 Jul 2008 11:27
not getting event for Indicator
Hi.. I am running 2 while loops. One handles the events. Other update the data. I created one event with value change for numeric indicator. On updation of the indicator it doesnt generate the event.. I need to generate the event on value change. is this not possible? Thank you, Ranjith ... 10 Jul 2008 11:20
New Thread for Conversion of LabVIEW 5.1 code to 8.5
Eventually.....I got a way of starting a new thread to ask for codes conversion. Whoo hoo....:smileyvery-happy:There are some codes developed in LV5.1. In order to open them in LV8.5, I got to have them converted. Attached is a zip file including 6 files.Again, I really appreciate anybody could help me out!Thanks,Jiwei... 15 Aug 2008 14:05
Convert .tdms to .lvm?
I am creating .tdms files during testing that I would like to convert to .lvm files post test. The files are around 500k lines so I need to split them up into multiple files for older versions of excel. When I read the .tdms data into a Write to Spreadhseet File set up to write to multiple files, it does not work. I ge... 23 Jul 2008 01:00
Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Setting Up Labview 7.1 withTektronix TDS3034B
when I open the example it tell me that I cant open it because it is newer than 7.1.   ... 3 Jul 2008 09:24
High CPU usage drawing XY Graph
LabView 7.1.1 and 8.5.   My application requires that a XY Graph that allows the Operator to select which of many channels are plotted on the X and Y axis.  I have implemented a 10,000 point circular buffer that updates every 200ms.  The problem occurs after testing is complete and the bu... 27 Jun 2008 16:16
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