From: twodoggies on
Some email goes straight into personal folders, because of the Rules I have
set up. When I read the mail in a personal folder, and then delete the item,
it shows up in the Deleted Items of that particular personal folder. How do
I quickly empty the Deleted Items of a personal folder? Thanks.
From: VanguardLH on
Roady [MVP] wrote:

> Right click it and choose "Empty Folder".

And if you didn't want it to go into the Deleted Items folder in the first
place then use Shift+Del when you delete an item. That permanantly deletes
the item. "Deleting" items which moves them into the Deleted Items folder
really isn't deleting the item. It merely MOVES the item into a different
folder. Shift+Del will permanently delete them. Of course, when you
permanently delete an item (using Shift+Del or deleting them from the
Deleted Items folder), it's gone and you won't be able to get it back unless
you restore the .pst file from your backups or use utilities to dig into the
..pst file provided it hasn't been compacted yet.