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I accidentally removed my email account from OUTLOOK 2003, Now, I re-add
again this email account with all similar information as per my previous one.
But, when I want to give the similar name as per my previous one to this
"re-add" mail account, it says "The account name is already being used.
Please choose another name."

I insisted want to use the similar name to my previous one (which I
accidentally deleted) But, I do not know why can't I give the similar name. I
checked clearly on my outlook, and the previous email account was not there,
and other email account does not use the similar name to the previous
accidentally deleted one. I just couldnt find out how can't I use the similar

Can anyone be so kind to advise me how to do it? Or Do I miss out certain
Thank you...

PS: If I give other name, it will work, but not the similar name to the
previous account which i accidentally deleted.
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