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> The general concept is that you'd add fields to each table for which you
> wish to keep this information.
> The fields I generally add are:
> [CreateDate]
> [CreatedBy]
> [LastUpdated]
> [UpdatedBy]
> Then I add code in each form that displays table data. That code checks
> to see if the data is a new record or is an update to an existing record,
> and updates the above fields accordingly.
> Another way might be the audit trail approach that Allen Browne describes
> (check on-line).
> Regards
> Jeff Boyce
> Microsoft Access MVP
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> "Suddi" <Suddi(a)> wrote in message
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>>I am new to Access and have an Access 2003 database without user-level
>> security that I am planning to convert to Access 2007. I would like to
>> add
>> fields to my database to store create_userid and modify_userid. Can
>> someone
>> help me with that please?
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