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occam wrote:
> On 18/01/2010 12:57, Levlg wrote:
>> How should I install IE 8 instead of IE 6?
> Don't! Install Firefox or Chrome instead. Faster, more secure, and
> altogether better browsing experience.
> Furthermore ...have a look at this
> "Following in the footsteps of Germany last week, France is now advising
> its population to use an alternative browser pending a patch for an
> Internet Explorer vulnerability."

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On 19/01/2010 23:39, PA Bear [MS MVP] wrote:
> <yawn>
> occam wrote:

I agree. Internet Explorer has exactly the same effect on me too.
From: Kyler_IE8_Team on

The security, compatibility, and speed differences between IE 6, and IE
8 are huge. If you are having trouble adjusting to IE 8, I would
recommend viewing in compatibility mode, which makes sites appear like
they did in IE 6. Here's a link to walk you through it.

IE8 Outreach Team