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Mason C wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 19:10:06 -0500, "Jonathan N. Little"<lws4art(a)> wrote:
> forgive the top post, purists.

Why did you do it? You messed up my abilty to quote without
reconstructing the previous post.

> My page has a fixed width: sized boxes in columns on left and right and an image in the center.
> The "margin: 0 10%" does not center it except by accident. I think that works only if the page width is flexible.

Because you are not paying attention. My quote:

>> Just how did either of Nick's examples fail you? Either set the
>> width on a block AND set margins to auto, or set margins with the
>> same value AND have the blocks width set to auto (default).

If you set the block's width then you should set the margin to *auto*.
When you don't set the block's width then you set the margin to some
length. Your situation was the former with the width set you the margin
should have been auto if you ant to center it.

> I can center, but *should* I ?
> Or should I let it reside on the left side of the screen as so many pages do?

You are making the assumption that the browser window is always set to
the maximize. Folks with large and wide screen monitors get them so that
can have more than one window visible at a time...

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