From: Johnson on
Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
> Christian Freund wrote:
>> It is possible to mix shared-object-code in a library for dynamic linking
>> (.so .a .dll etc...) on all platforms I was in contact with, no matter
>> with what compiler these libraries for dynamic linking were made.
> You have to make a distinction between C and C++ here. In C++, you have to
> consider two main things in which compilers differ:
> - name mangling
> - exception handling and other parts of the binary interface
> Name mangling is explicitly aimed to make use of incompatible libraries fail
> at link time. Other than that, compilers also come with different
> implementations of the C++ standard library that are binary incompatible.
> C libraries are generally compatible.
> Uli
Thank you all for helping. The best way to learn it is to test it. I
will test the methods you proposed in my project. I will try the Win32
Console with unmanaged codes first.