From: Peter Schneider on
On 11 Jan., 14:42, "Martin B." <0xCDCDC...(a)> wrote:
> Check the docs for:
> virtual LRESULT ProcessWndProcException(CException* e, const MSG* pMsg);
> If you add a THROW_LAST() in you own, you should be able to produce a
> crash. (Except I think for the Modal Dialog Loop which contains an
> additional CATCH that is not handled via ProcessWndProcException

Thanks for the suggestion! I will give it a try. (Unfortunately, our
app currently uses a modal dialog ...)

Where did you find the documenation on this?
I used the following MSDN link and it doesn't seem to contain anything
on it:


From: Peter Schneider on
On 11 Jan., 14:52, "Martin B." <0xCDCDC...(a)> wrote:
> How about:
>   throw;
> ?
> br,
> Martin

Ahem. Don't ask me why I thought ProcessWndProcException was executed
outside a catch block. So I thought it was illegal and didn't even
give it a try. Stupid.

Thanks a lot!