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> > > I've used TortoiseSVN to get all the history entries for a branch.
> > > Each entry has a "last action", indicating "added", "modified", or
> > > "deleted". �I'd like to have a Perl script using SVN::Client (or any
> > > other appropriate module) generate this output instead. �I've used the
> > > "log" method of SVN::Client, and I've read through the SVN::Client
> > > documentation, but I don't see any way to get this information. �The
> > > only reference in the documentation to one of "Add", "Modify", or
> > > "Delete" is when committing a change. �What am I missing?
> >
> > The SVN::Client->log method passes a svn_log_changed_path_t object[0] to
> > its callback; this is documented in SVN::Core and tells you what changed
> > in that revision.
> Ok, that looks promising. However, when I code this, it seems like
> that hash is always empty.
> Does it matter that the server is SVN 1.4.x?

I've no idea, I'm afraid. I haven't used SVN for quite some time, and I
don't think I've even got any repos around any more. I do know I've
successfully used code like

$SVN->log(cwd, 'HEAD', 1, 1, 0, sub {
my ($c, $r, $a, $d, $m) = @_;

for (keys %$c) {

in the past, but I'm not certain which version of svn this was with. I
notice I was asking for the log in reverse order (latest to oldest)
whereas you are asking for it forwards: does that make any difference?

You may have more luck taking this to a SVN list.