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Such as ?Flatten To String? has input called anything, in that we can connect any data type.

How can I implement that anything data type as the input of my subvi block? So I can connect any data type into my subvi.

Thank you


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Hi Amit,

As suggested, you can use a polymorphic VI.  It is actually a
bundle of vi's that select which VI to use based on the type of input
that you give it.  This is a little easier to code with, but a
little harder to maintain, since if generic code changes in one VI, it
doesn't change in the others.

Another possibility is to use a variant control.  This will allow
you to wire anything to the control corresponding to that input, and
have only one vi that handles all of them.  On the other hand,
with the variant, you are then responsible for decrypting what kind of
input you have coming in, and dealing with it appropriately, as well as
dealing with invalid input.

There may be other solutions based on the newer class systems.

Joe Z.