From: AmoxT on
I am using htmlhelp in my application written in Delphi 7 to show the
contents of a chm file. I'd like that the help window created by the
hhctrl.ocx file when I call the function

Result:=HtmlHelp(0, PChar(Application.HelpFile), HH_DISPLAY_INDEX,

to display the index would not appear immediately onto the screen, in
order for me to issue the following commands for removing the borders
and setting the position:

thestyle := GetWindowLong( Result, GWL_STYLE );
thestyle := thestyle and not WS_CAPTION;
thestyle := thestyle or (WS_POPUPWINDOW or WS_EX_TOPMOST or
thestyle := thestyle and not WS_BORDER;
thestyle := thestyle and not WS_DLGFRAME;
thestyle := thestyle and not WS_THICKFRAME;
SetWindowLong( Result, GWL_STYLE, thestyle );
SetWindowPosNative( Result, 0, 250, 250, 700, 400, SWP_FRAMECHANGED

Only at this point the window should apper. Currently the help window
appears with the borders, then after issuing the commands for the
style it disappears and it appears in the new position with no
borders. How can I keep the window suspended after calling the
HtmlHelp funcion in order to apply the new style and in order to issue
then the command for being mapped onto screen?

Thanks in advance,