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>> The problem with sarcastic comments is:
>> Other people (propably knowing a solution) think, the question has been
>> answered, so don't mind it, which means that such a comment can even
>> result in getting no information though I'd probably get it, if the
>> comment hadn't been added.
>> Kind regards
>> Peter
> In that case I will not make any sarcastic comments about you top posting
> then!

IMO, top posting has the advantage of making the answer visible without
having to scroll. Most email agents (if not all) present the first lines of
the email without scrolling, so, if there hasn't been much time between
postings, it's usually easier to read.

> Seriously though in replying to Beverly in this way you have possibly
> offended one of the few people here that could have helped you!
It's not my intend to offend anybody. I want to be as polite as possible.
However, I've often noticed, that after sending comments which don't add any
useful information, the thread is broken. For myself (and in other
newsgroups), I also sometimes use the strategy of looking, if somebody
already got help, then skipping the posting if I've not too much time. This
way, empty comments block answers. Sometimes, I just want to make this

> Best of luck

Kind regards


PS: I know, inline comments are worst to read, but sometimes it's just
better the always referring to some sentence - or do You like to always
count them? ;-)