From: PA Bear [MS MVP] on
And it dates from January 2005!

MowGreen [MVP] wrote:
> You do know that's a joke, right and that the joke refers to Windows
> Defender [aka MS Antispyware], *not* the MRT ?
> Santander wrote:
>>>> Need advice how to remove correctly the Windows Malicious Software
>>>> Removal
>>>> Tool installed with automatic updates. (KB890830)
>>>> What files to delete and where?
>>>> Many microsoft Windows users who downloaded this AntiSpyware program
>>>> from
>>>> microsoft, or had it installed through an automatic Windows update,
>>>> woke up
>>>> to a surprise - the heuristics of the software detected Internet
>>>> Explorer as
>>>> spyware, and removed the program from their systems.
>>>> However, users of alternative browsers were just happy to see Internet
>>>> Explorer gone. I still want keep Internet Explorer, anyway and dont
>>>> think
>>>> the MRT tool is useful...