From: lu0 on
Hello IIS gurus,

Several days ago we've discovered following lines from IIS log.
===, -, 6/23/2010, 11:19:39, W3SVC1, SXWB2013,, 21311,
4215, 0, 200, 1236, POST, /mail/, -,

There was an error 1236 occurred during request processing.
I've known its "The network connection was aborted by the local system.",
so the question is how can I re-produce the error.
Or if this error could only occur in a very special timing that I
can't re-produce again easily, the error scenario will be very helpful too.

Wireless roaming, create a case that results in client PC switch to another
after http post but before IIS response may results in 1236.

Or something like that.

Any tip will be great help. Thanks.

Usually network program sees

best regards,

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