From: D Smith on
As our exchange administrator I am always getting questions about meetings.
Some people send a meeting to a group of people then add or remove someone
and do not update all attendees. Someone else may send a meeting to a handful
of people and when its canceled they delete it from their calendar but it
still shows on the other attendee's calendars. A third person might change
the time of a meeting but it doesn't move on other attendees calendars.

To date I have been able to explain each instance by looking at each persons
calendars, sometimes looking at the organizers sent items or an attendees
inbox but its all indirect time consuming information I need to collect
before reaching a conclusion. 100% of these issues have been user error but I
still get asked to research why X or Y happened with a meeting at least once
a week.

Is there an auditing or logging or something I can turn on and use that will
give me detailed history of a meeting? Something that I can turn to and
quickly see the organizer deleted the meeting from their calendar but when
prompted did not send that update to other attendees?