From: Dhruv raj on
i would like to recreate this issue and test it on lab
How do i go abou that ..
Dhruv Raj

"Rich Matheisen [MVP]" wrote:

> On Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:36:57 -0000, "Frank" <noreply(a)> wrote:
> >I am in the process of trying to remove an 03 exchange server (which is also
> >a domain controller, yes I know...) after the mailboxes etc have been moved
> >to 2007 server.
> >
> >I receive the message: The component "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and
> >Collaboration Services" cannot be assigned the action "Remove" because:
> >-One or more users currently use a mailbox store on this server. These users
> >must be moved to a mailbox store on a different server or be mail disabled
> >before uninstalling this server.
> >
> >Prior to attempting to remove the ex 03 server I followed the instructions
> >from "Removing The Last Exchange 2003 Server From Exchange
> >2007".
> >The 2007 server seems quite happy
> >
> >I have also followed the steps in MSKB 924170, and no mailboxes are
> >associted with the old server.
> Try using LDP to search the AD for the wayward objects. Or use
> CSVDE.exe to export the contents of the directory (limit it to just
> the necessary properties!) and then seach the resulting CSV file for
> the server name.
> It's in there somewhere.
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> Rich Matheisen
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From: Frank on
"Dhruv raj" <Dhruvraj(a)> wrote i
>i would like to recreate this issue and test it on lab
> How do i go abou that ..

The server in question had been an exchange server for about 6 years, in
that time probaly about 100s of users were added and deleted or messed about

The original physical server was falling to bits, so the machine was PtoV
onto a hyper-v server.

The exchange organisation was upgraded to 2007

Some mailboxes were manged by ex 03 ESM, some by 07 Mgmt.

Eventually all mailboxes were moved to the 2007 (but not all at the same

The problem user was someone whose mailbox had been deleted, but for some
reason still had exchange attributes in AD.

I don't even know how you would go about re-createing that in a lab!