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>> Another good response to a substandard offer is a counter offer that cuts
>> back on services and equipment that would be provided. If you can't make
>> money with a 1 man job with one 1 mic, one amp, and 1 speaker, then you
>> should flatly turn down the job if you are free at that time.

>> Thank You for talking with me at the super swap on
>> saturday. I understand how difficult it is to create a
> he asked me to come up with a quote that matched the price he
> wanted to spend
> I spent a day thinking , dry hire, reduced gear, being named as a
> major sponsor, but decided that

> 1. he would damage the gear in a dry hire situation, not be
> respectful of its limits, or weather considerations, this is a
> outdoor public address situation

Would agree with that. Dry hire gear always gets abused.
Like you, I can bid a reduced rate, but it isn't going to be that much reduced. I.e. YOu want me to record your church
choir and not bring the truck. I'm going to pare it from a
crew of 3 to a crew of 2, reducing your costs a bit, but
that's about all.

> 2. less gear, that he could manage as dry hire, would not meet
> audience needs or match the quality of work I am known for

There's another consideration, and why I"m not going to hire me and my recording rig to just go hang my snake off the
inserts of the foh board etc. That is, unless you're paying me to run foh too. If you're not paying me to work your gig you're better off just renting the recording system of

Either way you go for a quality recording gig you're going
to get the full day of the gig with a crew of at least two,
and then a fa couple of hours after the event to transfer
your session from my media to a usb drive you can take
wherever you choose. I'm also going to gut quite a bit of
gear from the truck to do your gig, and that's going to need to be reconfigured when the gig is through. If I do it for
less I can put out a high quality product, still. This is
especially true if I"m doing it with some sort of discount
or reduced rate.

> 3. this is a prime time mid season weekend, those days have more
> value than mid feburay ones, I work "nearly" every weekend all
> summer for a minimum of 5000$ for basic jobs like this to well
> into 5 figures when stage , lights, and massive gear/personell
> are required

I can see where you would, all the outdoor events, etc. IN
my case it all depends, if itt's a weeknight that I won't
otherwise have covered I"m able to give somebody some
part-time work that evening which helps us both. I might
not be willing to cut my rate as far for jobs without the
full rig in the truck though.

> the event can and has supported my price, I have done it 3 or 4
> times he shorted me 100$ last year and Iam not putting myself or
> my ability to run my company profitable at risk by allowing the
> client to dictate my value I asked him to find another supplier
> this year that would work for what he wants to spend

I would be inclined to do the same thing. I would really
say no if I was shorted without prior arrangement.

As you note, you think he might decide it's worth paying
your rate. I'd figure if he shorted me before that if he
does, that's cool, and if not ... well ... OTher fish in
the sea.

"PSC"> I strongly susspect he will back down and rehire me at my price
"PSC"> but not being hired it is a judgment/risk that I , as the owner ,
"PSC"> make with each job I take on
"PSC"> George

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>>>at 4500.00 I would get my full margin for the work done
>>>and walk away (profit in after expenses)with what most of working america
>>>would consider at least 6 weeks pre tax wages
>> Really? Thats not even half what I make...
>congratulations, you(and I) are doing significantly better than most of

That's kinda sad... I don't feel rich! I think the more you make, the more you