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Nor have used ADO. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I did not mean to say
that it is only ADO.

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>> Use the FindFirst. You code is DAO code, but Seek is actually an ADO
>> method.
> David, I don't think I would put it this way. Both the DAO and ADO
> Recordset objects have a "Seek" method. They have slightly different
> restrictions, though, related to the differences between DAO and ADO. As
> you mentioned, the DAO Seek method can only be used with a table-type
> recordset, while the ADO Seek method can only be used with a server-side
> cursor *and* a command-type of adCmdTableDirect. (I got the ADO
> information from the help file; I've never used the ADO Seek method.)
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