From: Maple MRS on
Dear Candidate,

Title: Hyperion FDM/ FDQM

Location: New york city, NY

Duration: 6 Months.


FDM, FDQM, Hyperion, Data Integration, Data Quality, Mater Data
Management, VB Scripting, GL Segments, OGL, PL/SQL, Financial Data
Quality Management, Financial Data Management, Oracle

FDM/FDQM Architect - Hyperion - Data Integration - Data Quality -
Mater Data Management - VB Script

Overall 8 years+ experience with at least 3 years+ in Hyperion
Implementations and should have at least 1 years+ experience in
Hyperion FDM and FDQM implantation experience [looking for some junior
and senior resources]

FDM experience, VB scripting, little Understanding of oracle tables

Please find the link where you can upload your resume for this