From: Baz on
I love the HTML-based rich text in Access 2007, especially now there's a
hotfix so you can edit rich text in subforms. It's so much less hassle than
ActiveX rich text controls, or embedded Word documents.

However, I have a problem which has been bugging me for days. If I want a
clickable hyperlink in a rich text field, all is well if I simply type the
URL into the field e.g. "". But, there doesn't seem to be
any way of displaying the hyperlink as a word or phrase rather than the URL
e.g. if I wanted it to show as something like this:

"For more information go to Microsoft"

where the word "Microsoft" is a clickable link. I've tried editing the HTML
to use the "a href" tag, but this doesn't seem to be supported - all I get is
"Microsoft" as plain text.

Is there something I'm missing, or can this simply not be done?