From: Greatest Mining Pioneer of Australia of all Times on
Jean-Paul Turcaud
Australia Mining Pioneer
Discoverer & Legal Owner of Telfer Mine (Australia largest Copper &
Gold Mine),
Nifty (Cu) & Kintyre (U, Th) Mines, all in the Great Sandy Desert
Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
Founder of the True Geology
West Australia Premier
The Right Hon Colin Barnett
Parliament House
6000 Perth WA

Your ref: My letters of 14th Oct 2009,14th January 2010, 14th of April
& 17th of May anticipating that one.
My ref: Your letter dated 16th Dec 2009 & 26th March 2010
Letter from R. May, your Deputy Chief of Staff dated 9th March 2010

Copy to the Newmont & Newcrest Mining Criminals,
to the Tyrwhitt puke care of Chief Rabbi Joseph Gutnick, President of
to Mr Bob Sheppard, W.A mining personality &, former President of the
Australian Prospectors Union (APLA) , to Dr Don Findlay (PhD geology)
additional copy
to the Australian Workers Union National Office' President Mr Bill
Ludwig & Secretary Mr Paul Howes, since the AWU was put off by the
counterfeit letter sent by the Newmont/Newcrest Criminals' head at the
time, Searls, to its Telfer Mine local branch rep Mr Jones.
To the ACTU President Mrs Sharan Burrow & ACTU Secretary Mr Jeff

La Rochelle 14th of May 2010

Dear Mr Burnett,

I am not the Discoverer of Telfer Mine !

I am the Discoverer of Telfer Copper/Gold Mine, Kintyre Uranium mine &
Nifty Copper Mine, all discovered by myself in the Great Sandy Desert
of Australia in October 1970. That is the Historical Truth which
Criminal Mining Companies, Geological Frauds, Corrupt Administrations
such as the West Australia Geological Survey & Land Department, and
finally previous West Australia Governments have successfully
dissimulated & covered up in a sustained Coalition of Interest during
the last 40 years.

You are the first Premier who during that time, closing indeed on the
40th Anniversary of the largest discovery Telfer Mine on Oct 14th
1970, has shown an interest is restoring the verity & may be imposing
Justice in all fairness. That young man of 30 who carried out all
alone that pioneering work in the Great Sandy Desert which none before
had successfully done, was one of Australia"s Greatest Mining Pioneer.

In this intention I am sending you quite a few documents whose list
follows, and in conclusion I will request from you, as a token of
gratitude for all richness I brought forth & unearthed for Australia
nothing else than a "Phillip Pendal" 's type of enquiry, as it was
conducted on the Batavia shipwreck. Nothing short of that will satisfy
me, and I will accept nothing at all based on the recommendation of
some administration which considers me as a "Turcaud Nonsense" and
whose Director Rogerson is an evident Mining Criminals ' molee, as
such qualification is the one used indeed by the Newmont/Newcrest
Mining Criminals. In so doing indeed, Rogerson not only vilifies me
but as well all Mining Pioneers who have blasted their way into the
unknown for millions to benefit in return. In Rogerson 's approach,
and as you will see in Tyrwhitt, Thomson, Koehn, Musgraves '
approaches, the whole process of discovery is completely evaded,
ridiculed, trivial, fortuitous, with inexistent merit in all cases….
While the overwhelming parroting mundane literature which follows, in
drowning the initial blood & tears efforts of the discoverer in a just
a few meaningless words, is just achieving that aim of evacuating all
gratitude deserved to the Mining Pioneer. In that line the Kalgoorlie
Hall of Fame has no meaning at all then, since the very people who
should have respect for such Pioneers, the WAGS indeed, are
maliciously debasing such people 's efforts in their heart.
Now, I understand more the spirit & the terms of your preceding 2
letters, these were meant to get rid of that "Turcaud Nonsense" once
for all, was not it ? They were inspired following contact with the
WAGS, which you could have assumed had a fair & honest record of the
events concerned. Right ?

Here is the list now of the attached documents which certainly
Rogerson & the West Australia Mines Department will never forward to
you for scrutiny, and whose reference would remain carefully hidden
from view. Incidentally as Rogerson is now favouring Koehn, the Koehn
's report added to the Newmont/Boral/Narla joint venture agreement,
and to the Narla 1972 report demonstrates without the shade of a doubt
the Newmont/Newcrest Telfer Mine Swindle, which was the object of a
demand of a Royal Inquiry by the late Hon.T.D. Evans, MP for
Kalgoorlie in the WA Parliament, fully recorded in the Hansard. In
the included compact disk, which for safety as been doubled, you will
find easily all documents referenced demonstrating the Telfer Mine
Cover Up multi Trillions Swindle covered up by all previous West
Australia Governments except yours, as from the demand of a Royal
Inquiry into such abominable Corporate Crime.

· Koehn's report,
· Musgrave's document,
· Searls' letter to AWU Rep. Jones, rolling the AWU at large in the
flour indeed.
· Appendix 1/2/3,
· Minister Moore letter to Les Lowe with added document titled : Jean-
Paul Turcaud and the Discovery of Telfer,
· my reply to Jones, some extracts from the Narla files re years 1972
& 1973 ( in part),
· a Conpact disk (cd) with my whole Telfer Mine folder including the
complete Narla & Day Dawn microfilms (except that part covering
71/72/73 maliciously erased from official records) In the included
compact disk which for safety has been doubled, you will find easily
all documents referenced here under proper folder heading, like Narla,
Day Dawn, Koehn etc,
· As for the Hansard & Shadow Attorney General Hon Evans ' demand for
a Royal Inquiry, it is at your disposal of course at the West
Australia Parliament.

I have this to add at his point of my letter, since you are a former
Professor of Economy from Curtin, direct heir to the Kalgoorlie School
of Mines then, that there were two outstanding persons who steadfastly
stood on the side of the Truth & Justice as well as the Kalgoorlie MP
Tom Evans did. Those people you certainly know by name at least since
most closely related to you in your professional life.
The first is George Spencer Compton, geological consultant of
Kalgoorlie and the very son of the founder of the Kalgoorlie School of
Mines, and the second is Keith Quartermaine, the Head of the
Kalgoorlie School of Mines. Both gentlemen told me in the most
compelling manner that I should not let go, and that Newmont /
Newcrest's attitude was a disgrace to every values Australia stands
for in term of fair go for the Mining Prospector Turcaud & Australia
Mining Pioneer indeed. They supported me all along & applauded at the
Hon Evans' move to bring the affair to the West Australia Parliament
level & to his demand of a Royal Inquiry into the Telfer Mine Swindle.
They were relayed over the years by other outstanding gentlemen such
as Bob Sheppard, Peter Bridge, Don Findlay.

Contrarily to what you may personally believe, or have been lead to
believe, I really loved Australia and it broke my heart to be kicked
out of it by the Newmont /Newcrest Mining Criminals & their geological
rabble frauds. This was a pity as my prospecting skill was unique &
not only founded in a synthetic approach of the environment, but as
well an innate knowledge of the ground which always brought me to the
right place, and confirmations of such gift have been served to me
many times I haven't been spared anything at all during my 10 & ½
years in Australia and ensuing years, as I have always refused to
accept such glaring Deny of Justice. Only pulling out in time, thanks
to my late dear parents allowed me to be still alive today, as the aim
of the Newmont / Newcrest Mining Criminals was to drive me to despair
& death. Removing then all hurdles to their falsified & fabricated
History. I will not say that I am very well at this point in time, as
still recovering from a grave poisoning accident, I am still solid. I
would be pleased to come full circle & face a return to Australia as
my philosophy prompts me to believe this affair has to be completely
terminated before embarking on another venture, relative to completing
a book on the True Geology. Another outstanding pioneering work
indeed, based on a UPL or Universal Pressure Law concept being the
underlying system supporting our Universe.

To this letter to you, Sir, if there will be a following, this will
be my visit in style indeed to West Australia for the 40th Anniversary
of Telfer Mine discovery on Oct 14th 2010. That is in less than five
month time. If I have to be there in time for that event, things have
really to unfold at another pace than the one of the past 7 months,
with a proper settlement to be reached with Newcrest considering of
course as well the damages incurred. This will be an opportunity to
meet mutually, to discover Telfer mining operations, and call it a
day for all that saga. Mine is an invitation & opportunity to
forgiving if not forgetting, and this is an opportunity to not to be
missed as I am not eternal indeed.

I look forward to your prompt answer on the issues raised in that new
letter, which corresponds to the 44th anniversary of my departure to
Australia in 1966. and only 4 ½ years later I had found the 3 mines
you know in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia.

Yours faithfully


20 Avenue des Guiardes
17000 La Rochelle France
tel 33 5 46 xx xx xx
Your references

*The West Australian Parliament Hansard with 7 different interventions
by the Hon T.D Evans, Member for Kalgoorlie, late Attorney General,
demanding a Royal Inquiry into the Newmont Mining Corporation Criminal
Swindle of Narla / Boral shareholders of their right ownership of now
known Telfer Mine, in their successful & villainous attempt at
shunting Australia Mining Pioneer Jean-Paul Turcaud.
*Including additional intervention of the Hon Julian, former Senior
Minister & Member for Boulder, on the same issue.

*My different letters to former Premiers Court & Lawrence, as well as
letter from Dr Findlay to Premier Gallop & shameful rebuffing replies.
Letters written by Bob Sheppard & Don Findlay recently to yourself

*The Golden Rule
(or the True History of Telfer Mine discovery)
by the President of Australian Prospectors & Leaseholders Union, Mr
Bob Sheppard

*The Official History of Telfer Mine debugged
By one of Australia leading Geologist, Dr Don Findlay. PhD geology

*ABC report.: