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*stpes to solve this problem
stpes to solve this problem

1. In the registry search for the -emzdecmp4_h263.dll- which is causing
the problem in the key called *_\"HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\"_*
a. if you dont know any thing about the registry then on the run
prompt type the command called "-regedit-". This will open the registry.
2. When u got the sucess in search look for whole dll path.
3. use the REGSVR32 command to unregister the dll.
e.g. *_REGSVR32_* /U "full path of the dll/emzdecmp4_h263.dll"

try to reproduced the problem..

:) best luck for the solution. If it didnt work..drop me mail.. I will
be there to help you.

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