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On 2009-12-14, bb <spamtrap(a)> wrote:
> On 2009-12-11 17:50, root wrote:
>> Nearly 20 years ago when I dumped DOS I made some
>> bootable CDs that could boot into DOS 6.0, Newdos,
>> and such. I remember that when I made the bootable
>> CD from a bootable floppy I had to jump through some
>> hoops which included copying (equivalent to dd) the
>> floppy to a file bootimage on the CD. That bootimage
>> had a number of EXE files that I thought would suffice
>> for any future use.
>> Now I want to go back and add something to that bootimage.
>> I don't remember anything about the processes that I used.
>> When I mount the bootable CD I see the following:
>> boot.catalog* bootimage cdrom/
>> The cdrom directory has lots of stuff that I want to
>> access, but I don't see any way to get to it. I can
>> mount bootimage as fat and I see:
>> attrib.exe** drvspace.bin* fdisk.exe** io.sys* msdos.sys** xcopy32.exe*
>> autoexec.bat* config.sys* edit.exe* fileman.exe* himem.sys* mscdex.exe* sbide.sys* xcopy.exe* xcopy32.mod*
>> I want to add a few more .exe files to the bootimage.
>> What I am afraid of is that anyone old enough to understand
>> this post will also have suffered the same memory loss
>> as I have. Will anyone help?
>> TIA.

I have no idea what you wnat added, but cdrecord does create bootable
man cdrecord-- look for the el torito bootable options and what it