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Jeff Johnson wrote:
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>> Here's what my color values look like now:
>> DrawBorder hdc, rct, lPnt, hPen, 10999801
>> If I replace the value above (10999801) with a value converted from hex to
>> decimal it draws an entirely different color.
> So try reversing Red and Blue in the hex representation before you convert
> it to decimal.
> For example, your color above is #A7D7F9. If we use RGB order then Red = A7,
> Green = D7, Blue = F9 and we get a pale slate blue. If, however, this number
> is in BGR order (Red = F9, Green = D7, Blue = A7) it should result in a
> flesh tone (or at least it's pretty close the the flesh tone of a white guy
> like me). Whichever one of these your 10999801 above is tells you how your
> hex format needs to be.

I got it. Thanks to all for the help.