From: Uri Guttman on
>>>>> "JG" == Jim Gibson <jimsgibson(a)> writes:

JG> Sure, but poor old tr is a second-class citizen when it comes to
JG> documentation. Look at 'perldoc -f tr'. Then please explain how tr ( or
JG> s/// for that matter) is a "quote-like operator". You have to remember
JG> to search for 'Transliterates' to get to the documentation for tr :(

tr/// is quote like because it can take alternate delimiters like all
the quote ops.

JG> I would extract the section in 'perldoc perlop' and put it in 'perldoc
JG> -f tr'.

and it is an operator not a function as it has operator syntax. you can
call it with () which all functions can be called with.

tr should be more well known and taught as it can do things s/// can't
do and most things it does is much faster. they are only related because
they are quotelike and share the use of =~.


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