From: joel on

You can get the PC Name by usding the environmental variable

computerName = environ("COMPUTERNAME")

You can get the IP address from the computername by doing a ipconfig
command to the host name. From a sheel prompt

1) Start - run - c:\windos\system32\cmd.exe
2) ipconfig

You can run these commands from a sheel command like this

ComputerName = Environ("ComputerName")

Shell "cmd /c C:\windows\system32\ipconfig >c:\temp\ipconfig.txt", 0

You can then open the text file to get the results.

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From: nicktruman on
Hi, Thanks for the reply.
However, I a not after my data, but the hostnames of IP addresses registered in a survey by people who have filled in a survey.


From: joel on

what I did recently in C# was to ping the IP addrress which filled up
the ARP table. Then went into the ARP table to get the Host Names. It
is posible to do the same thing uisng VBA but will have to think about
the process.

I aslo can open an Excel file from C#. so I could write a C# program
which opens your excel file get the IP address, ping the addresses, and
then read the arp table.

Likewise, from VBA I could use the Shell command to ping each of the IP
addresses then read the arp table. To read the ARP table I would use a
DLL in the system32 folder to get the results. there also may be a
reference library that would read the arp table but would need to
investigate some more.

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From: nicktruman on
Thnaks Joel. I tried calling wsock32 but this is a 64 bit machine and I got errors on teh library.
I saw some code gethostnamefromIp but could not make it work in Excel.
I have 800+ IP addresses to check and output some sort of data.
I guess similar to an excel version of ping -a
where the output would be (as in this case (

ping -a

From: joel on

I found code on the web that works fine. I added a routing at the end
to test the code.

' Copyright �1996-2009 VBnet, Randy Birch, All Rights Reserved.
' Some pages may also contain other copyrights by the author.
' Distribution: You can freely use this code in your own
' applications, but you may not reproduce
' or publish this code on any web site,
' online service, or distribute as source
' on any media without express permission.
Private Const WSADescription_Len As Long = 256
Private Const WSASYS_Status_Len As Long = 128
Private Const WS_VERSION_REQD As Long = &H101
Private Const IP_SUCCESS As Long = 0
Private Const SOCKET_ERROR As Long = -1
Private Const AF_INET As Long = 2

Private Type WSADATA
wVersion As Integer
wHighVersion As Integer
szDescription(0 To WSADescription_Len) As Byte
szSystemStatus(0 To WSASYS_Status_Len) As Byte
imaxsockets As Integer
imaxudp As Integer
lpszvenderinfo As Long
End Type

Private Declare Function WSAStartup Lib "wsock32" _
(ByVal VersionReq As Long, _
WSADataReturn As WSADATA) As Long

Private Declare Function WSACleanup Lib "wsock32" () As Long

Private Declare Function inet_addr Lib "wsock32" _
(ByVal s As String) As Long

Private Declare Function gethostbyaddr Lib "wsock32" _
(haddr As Long, _
ByVal hnlen As Long, _
ByVal addrtype As Long) As Long

Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" _
Alias "RtlMoveMemory" _
(xDest As Any, _
xSource As Any, _
ByVal nbytes As Long)

Private Declare Function lstrlen Lib "kernel32" _
Alias "lstrlenA" _
(lpString As Any) As Long

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Text2.Text = GetHostNameFromIP(Text1.Text)

End Sub

Private Function SocketsInitialize() As Boolean


SocketsInitialize = WSAStartup(WS_VERSION_REQD, WSAD) = IP_SUCCESS

End Function

Private Sub SocketsCleanup()

If WSACleanup() <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Windows Sockets error occurred in Cleanup.",
End If

End Sub

Private Function GetHostNameFromIP(ByVal sAddress As String) As String

Dim ptrHosent As Long
Dim hAddress As Long
Dim nbytes As Long

If SocketsInitialize() Then

'convert string address to long
hAddress = inet_addr(sAddress)

If hAddress <> SOCKET_ERROR Then

'obtain a pointer to the HOSTENT structure
'that contains the name and address
'corresponding to the given network address.
ptrHosent = gethostbyaddr(hAddress, 4, AF_INET)

If ptrHosent <> 0 Then

'convert address and
'get resolved hostname
CopyMemory ptrHosent, ByVal ptrHosent, 4
nbytes = lstrlen(ByVal ptrHosent)

If nbytes > 0 Then
sAddress = Space$(nbytes)
CopyMemory ByVal sAddress, ByVal ptrHosent, nbytes
GetHostNameFromIP = sAddress
End If

MsgBox "Call to gethostbyaddr failed."
End If 'If ptrHosent


MsgBox "String passed is an invalid IP."
End If 'If hAddress

MsgBox "Sockets failed to initialize."
End If 'If SocketsInitialize

End Function

Sub test()
MsgBox (GetHostNameFromIP(""))

End Sub

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