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>>> >> > If you really care about performance, then forget about laptops. Thexy
>>> >> > are inherently slower than desktop machines.
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>>> >> This is NOT true anymore. Some laptops like the Dell XPS line are made
>>> >> for CAD, 3D and graphics work.
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>>> > They are marketed as such, but they are not such.
>>> And how do you know this? I've been using high end laptops in
>>> demanding 3D applications without any problem. My current laptop is as
>>> powerful as the any workstation.
>> Thanks for the reply. I do not mind the correction, if your assertion is
>> true. May I ask what laptop and configuration you are using?
>Well, OK I'll answer your question even if you didn't answer mine. ;-D
>Lenovo Elite ThinkPad W700ds w/8 GB Ram, Quad core high end NVIDA
>video card. This will be upgraded soon to an i7 or equivalent AMD
>powered laptop.

If you're still following this thread, perhaps you could tell me a little
more about your W700 Thinkpad. I want to purchase a high end notebook
such as this one. One thing I noticed in the options is that the drives
only go to 320GB. I was hoping for 500GB. Also, the type of RAID is not
mentioned. Do you know if they are RAID 1 or RAID 0 - or is there an
option? Another thing that's not clear is: does this model have two or
three hard drives? Are there any disappointments or wishes you have? How
do I find out what will change in the W700's successor? Thanks.......