From: Ronsky on
I am using PowerPoint 2010 to modify an existing PowerPoint show of
300 slides with photos and notes on each one.
Is there a way to add text titles and subtitles from a Word outline
document into placeholders on each slide without affecting the
existing photos or notes?
In other words, a way import text or merge content across the whole
show other than slide-by-slide cut & paste?

Here's what I've tried so far:
A. "Import from Outline" from Word seems to only insert new slides in
sequence but doesn't import into existing.slides.
B. Shyam Pillai's "Transfer Title Slides" but unfortunately it only
transfers titles without subtitles.
C. "Merge Files" has potential but can't determine how to replace
place holders with new text.

I've been using keystroke macro software as a work-around but it's

Thank you for any suggestions!
From: Ronsky on
Sorry. I meant to say "Compare & Merge" which is back again in PPT

I've looked at PPTMerge but it doesn't seem to do what I have in mind
but I will contact Steve also.

Is there any other way to accomplish my goal described above?