From: robert bristow-johnson on
On Jun 27, 3:22 pm, Richard Owlett <rowl...(a)> wrote:
> Apologies to those who might think I'm stealing their thread.
> *CAVEAT LECTOR* Though I've *NEVER* supported myself by any trade
> normally associated with DSP, my avocations regularly deal with
> topics covered by this group.
> I've dealt with problems best expressed with a 0 base index.
> I've dealt with problems best expressed with a 1 base index.
> For problems involving a FFT (or inverse) I use Scilab 4.x
> Choice NOT based on indexing - couldn't afford MATLAB and at the
> time Octave had installation problems on *my* Windows setup.
> I think it is foolish for for any purported "GENERAL PURPOSE"
> package to not address the index base issue.
> A before I get really sarcastic comments - If I'm not old enough
> to have changed their diapers/wipes, I'm more than old enough to
> have been their "sitter" ;}

with me, Richard, you're preaching to the choir. i find this deficit
in MATLAB to be astonishing. particularly so long after multiple
people have pointed it out (including an early developer for the Sig
Proc toolbox).

r b-j