From: Ken on

My project is adding a couple more CoBOL programmers to replace those
lost through attrition. Here are the particulars ... if interested,
reply to klshafer<<at-sign>> .

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Rate: only moderate, probably $32-$34/hr W-2, $35-$40/hr 1099 or corp-
to-corp... you're probably welcome to bid higher and the vendor will
probably submit you at that higher rate, but if so you may not be
competitive (I guarantee you there will be multiple submissions and
end client is very rate sensitive)

Duration: 6 months at a time, but probably very, verrrrrryyyyy long
term (I've been here 5 1/2 years) ... management thinks a replacement
system will take 5-10 years to implement incrementally

Project particulars:
- State Government, social welfare system
- IBM Z/OS, CICS, Enterprise CoBOL, DB2; Telon helpful but not
absolutely necessary
- Web development, .Net, DB2 stored procedures, and/or C# would be a
- maintenance and some "enhancements" (new subsystems being added all
the time)
- fairly big system, 2-3 million LOC
- technical team of about 30-40, business analyst team of another 5-7