From: lucee on

I'm having difficulties installing files for East Asian languages. Every
time I select the checkbox for 'Install files for East Asian languages' under
the Languages tab of Regional and Language Options, it prompts me that it
will require 230mb of space etc, and tells me I need to restart my computer
for the changes to take effect. I click okay, and my computer
restarts...there is no prompting for an install disk or for me to point the
OS to the correct language pack files to install.

Essentially, my computer reboots and nothing changes. When I open Regional
and Language Options, the box for East Asian languages is still unchecked.
This happens every time.

I am trying to get Chinese characters to display, but right now, they just
show up as little squares. I am running Windows XP home SP3.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance