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"Daniel P. Cayea" <DanielPCayea(a)> wrote in

> Active Desktop isn't turned on and the Web tab isn't
> available in the Displays control.

Is anybody reading past this line? To turn off active desktop one needs
to have active desktop!

Daniel said the WEB TAB is *NOT* available in the Displays "control" (do
you mean Display Properties?)

The exact location for which the WEB TAB should reside is
- Display Properties (right click desktop, properties)
- Desktop tab
- Customize Desktop
bringing you to Desktop Items

On my PC there is a GENERAL TAB. There *SHOULD* be a web tab but none
exists on mine! Wrote a question to this group asking how to restore
that tab and nobody could answer. I've still not figured out how to
enable the active desktop (opposite issue from Daniel's).

Wish I could help Daniel ... seems the opposite dilemma exists here!