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I am have recently modified the GENESIS genetic algorithm using C++ so that it runs on a Windows machine (before it only ran under UNIX). In my experimental work the aim is to control everything using LabVIEW, including this Genetic algorithm.
My problem comes from the fact that the Genetic Algorithm is set-up as a console application, a library file is created  containing the input parameters of the VI, then this is joined with an evaluation function that is dependant on the library file an an executable is created.
I need to take some information collected from LabVIEW and give it to the genetic algorithm, but I don't know how to do this.
Any Ideas?
Alan Homer
From: falkpl on
You can communicate with any exe using the system exec vi, assuming you know the comand line parameters, pipe the return value back to labview.  you can also modify it to work like a c function (more work) and call it from a cin node. I always liked genetic algorithms, should be no controversy about them since they use darwinism through an intelligent design.
From: falkpl on
You can run most applications from a command line using the location/application.exe (where the location is where the executable is stored), all c++ applications run using:   int main (int argc, char **argv); where the argc is the number of arguments and argv is essentially a string table with the parameters passed to the program (will be used as code) the output if a command line application is the std out which can be piped to file or wired out from the standard out terminal.  To pass parameters from your LV code to the command line you should know the parameter list (sometimes empty). 
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