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Tx Tibor, this is just what I was looking for! I think you mention it
during that course, but it was gone! Couldn't find it on my own.

But, what I assumed was correct, the database was created i sql2k.


On Mon, 22 Mar 2010 11:59:03 +0100, "Tibor Karaszi"
<> wrotc:

>He Peter,
>Here's a tip for you. The command isn't documented or so, so use at own
>risk. You will also have to apply some detective work to reach your goal,
>but after attending Kalen's course, that shouldn't be a problem:
>Tibor Karaszi, SQL Server MVP
>"Peter Lindberg" <plTAKE(a)> wrote in message
>> Kalen, interesting with a reply from you. I started looking if it's
>> possible to find this information in my course material from you. Here
>> in Sweden it's named "Architecture, Internals and Tuning (MC003)".
>> This is one of many things we have learned between sql versions. We
>> had some catalog errors in an other version of this database when it
>> was moved from sql2k to sql2k5 (dbcc checkdb with catalogcheck in
>> sql2k5)
>> Now we got the same type of issue in a new database on sql2k8. This
>> database is delivered to us for education (prefilled with data) and I
>> think it's created in an earlier sql version and the errors is
>> inherited from there.
>> We aswell as other don't want databases with errors. There is
>> different opinions between us and the company that delivered it about
>> where this started. If this can help them deliver databases without
>> error it is good enough for me.
>> Beside that, the why question, it's mostly my ego;-)
>> /Peter
>> On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 08:33:58 -0700, "Kalen Delaney"
>> <please_reply_on_newsgroups(a)> wrotc:
>>>Hi Peter
>>>Why is that important? Once a db is opened under SQL 2008, and it's in
>>>compatibility level, then it is a SQL 2008 database.
>>>Kalen Delaney
>>>SQL Server MVP
>>>"Peter Lindberg" <plTAKE(a)> wrote in message
>>>> I have some database that is restored in SQL 2008. I'm pretty sure
>>>> that it's created in an earlier version of MSSQL but the one who
>>>> restored it (an other company) say's it's created in SQL 2008.
>>>> Is there a way to determine if a database on SQL 2008 is created in an
>>>> earlier SQL Server version? Compabilitylevel shows what it's set to at
>>>> the moment so that says nothing.
>>>> /Peter