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>> Seems good to me but I am not an expert;
>> So much RAM and HD capacity looks good, doesn't it?
> mmmm I'd be looking at the hidden specs.
> eg what brand / model motherboard
> Maximum RAM
> Power supply wattage.
> How good is the video card
> How solid is the case.
> ????????
> Couple of things I've noticed is the bare minimum number of I/O ports
> and the video card is no fireball.
> ( "Newly emerged are the GeForce GT 220 and GeForce
> G210, which are on the more modest side of speed" ) Toms Hardware also
> mention they are OEM 'only' cards. This means they are built to have
> the magic numbers for the sales promo stickers, but in reality they have
> little meat and don't perform like the numbers would suggest.
> Anther observation I would make is the uselessness of the hot swap media
> bays.
> HP equipped their Multi Media machines a while ago with one of those.
> Never saw many people make practical use of them. Sure if you're into a
> lot of High resolution Video editing they would make sense.
> But then you're not going to be using a mid / low priced PC for such a
> demanding task as video editing are you.
> With this PC I would suggest the bean counters have upped the numbers
> on items that are cheap to increase.
> ie going from 2 to 4GB RAM and 500 to 1000GB hard drive doesn't cost a
> lot in cash.
> But putting in a better motherboard with more RAM capacity and other
> facilities instead for the same money doesn't 'look' as good a value to
> the buyer.
> Take of the cost of 2GB of RAM and a smaller (500GB) hard drive of the
> 349 price and then look at if it's 'good' value compared to other PC's
> with the same (lower) spec.
> Starting with a better motherboard & power supply means going to
> (say)16GB RAM and a 2.5TB drive in (say) 2 years time is a practical
> upgrade option. Trying to give a mid life upgrade to a PC with a cheap
> motherboard and weak power supply on the other hand is simply not
> practical. (eg the motherboard may only support 4GB max anyway)
> Hey at the end of the day it's your money and the spec may suit you just
> fine, just don't expect a 'bargain' from a Supermarket chain.

Or common sense from you.

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