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Some uninformed lumpsucker named 7 ejaculated:

> Nope. Linux is strong in embedded applications like all Flat TVs sold,
> all MP3 players sold, DVD players sold, routers sold, digital photo
> frames sold, ip webcams sold, etc. They are also in 33% of all netbooks
> sold. Most smartphones are Linux. All e-books are Linux. The revenue
> from all of these for the retailer running their business is counted in
> Linux dollars. They are seeing massive boost to their income from Linux.

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"Kadaitcha Man" <anon(a)> wrote in message

> Some trolls are dumber than igneous rocks.

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Some moss-grown meat flapper named Rick toadied:

> On Thu, 07 Jan 2010 09:48:03 +0000, bbgruff wrote:
>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>> "bbgruff" <bbgruff(a)> wrote in message
>>> news:7qk94iFt4mU1(a)
>>>> In that vein, I'm just giving trolls, Windows Enthusiasts etc.
>>>> advance notice and warning. Considering the much stronger postion of
>>>> Linux on netbooks (and the anticipated Google OS!), phones, and
>>>> various other devices, perhaps our friends would like to consult
>>>> Redmond and familiarise
>>>> themselves with the future party line on this? Have they got a
>>>> different measure that they would like to use?
>>> Well, if you are in business, then the thing that counts the most is
>>> how much money is in the system and how profitable the products you
>>> are selling
>>> can become. Trying to compare the number of times that a web site is
>>> accessed with one OS or another or whether a cell phone accessing a
>>> web site means anything in regard to some OS or other is useless
>>> unless it has some
>>> reliable connection to making a business decision. It is easy to
>>> directly measure the revenues from Windows, Red Hat, Novell, and
>>> whatever other OS product may be for sale. That is how the market is
>>> actually measured and that is how the companies participating in the
>>> market keep score.
>>> Everything else is just a mirage.
>> An interesting response :-)
>> So if the day comes when Microsoft sells just *one* copy of Windows in
>> the year, and every other new computer/device sold that year runs a
>> gratis version of Linux, Microsoft will have 100% of the market that
>> year, and I will be happy watching my mirage?
> No, Microsoft would have 100% of whatever market that copy of Windows
> was sold into.

So, you are predicting that that "just *one* copy of Windows" will not be
able to run, say, OpenOffice? Hmmm?

You fuckwitted linux-using nincompoop.

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