From: David Mark on
On Dec 16, 9:18 am, The Natural Philosopher <a...(a)b.c> wrote:
> Icon Iconoclast wrote:
> > I've just started learning Javascript using the book Javascript Bible
> > 6th Edition (Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison). I already know some C#,
> > ASP.NET, Core Java, C and C++. How long should it take me to get a
> > reasonably good grasp over Javascript using the book? Is the book any
> > good? Are there better alternatives?
> > Icon
> A long time. The language itself isn't too bad, its the way it interacts
> with the DOM that I find almost random in its lack of consistency.
> Also, judging by what is posted here, not many people learn much more of
> it than the basics, and I wouldn't say I am much different.

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