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Something like this will do since you only have 2 choices.

=IF(D7="V Top 9702045619",AccountWiseReport!K5, AccountWiseReport!K40)


Jim Thomlinson

"Akash Maheshwari" wrote:

> Hi,
> This is Akash Maheshwari. I am stuck with a formula and not able to
> break through since last few days: I require your help in this
> relates...
> I have two Formulas:
> =IF(D7="V Top 9702045619",AccountWiseReport!K5-F7+I7-J7+K7-G7-H7)
> =IF(D7="V Top 9702043906",AccountWiseReport!K40-F7+I7-J7+K7-G7-H7)
> What i want is if i select "V Top 9702045619" in the cell D7 the first
> formula would run and viceversa if i select "V Top 9702043906" the
> second formula should run. I want to combine the above mentioned two
> formulas in such a way that i get the output in one cell.
> How to combine the above mentioned two formulas with OR & AND function
> with the help of IF function.
> Many Thanks in Advance
> Akash Maheshwari
> .
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