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Thanks Alexey and that's takes care of it.

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On 2 Mrz., 19:58, "Eric S" <xxx_noS...(a)> wrote:
> Hi All,
> When I create a credential for users to log in, I can not allow them to
> log
> in more then 2 different computers. Otherwise the user can provide the
> Credential for 20 different people and will try hammer the server.
> If user A logged in I can update a flag in a table called MemberInfo and
> when he/she Logged out I can reset that flag and also have a counter of
> the
> numbers of logins.... Or even can update the time he/she logged in.
> a)
> Problem is what happens when he closed the browser and did not log out?
> b)
> If the browser is crashed then there is no way for me to update the flag.
> How would you handle this kind of situation?
> Appreciate some code / Ideas.
> Thanks,
> Eric

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