[GIT] [2.6.34] MFD fixes
Hi Linus, Sorry for being late, I just got back from a (way earlier than expected) paternity leave. I have one MFD fix pending for 2.6.34, I'd appreciate if you could still pull: The following changes since commit be835674b55324c1abe973b15343c3663910c620: Linus Torvalds (1): Merge branch 'merge' of ... 13 May 2010 10:28
mm: add generic adaptive large memory allocation APIs
On Thu, 2010-05-13 at 17:51 +0800, Changli Gao wrote: +void *__kvmalloc(size_t size, gfp_t flags) +{ + void *ptr; + + if (size < PAGE_SIZE) + return kmalloc(size, GFP_KERNEL | flags); + size = PAGE_ALIGN(size); + if (is_power_of_2(size)) + p... 14 May 2010 05:10
NUMA Hotplug emulator
This email was lost after I check the LKML, resend it, sorry if duplicated. Hi, All This patchset introduces NUMA hotplug emulator for x86. it refers too many files and might introduce new bugs, so we send a RFC to comminity first and expect comments and suggestions, thanks. * WHAT IS HOTPLUG EMULATOR NUM... 23 May 2010 23:23
[RFC, 7/7] NUMA hotplug emulator
Doc/x86_64: documentation of NUMA hotplug emulator add a text file Documentation/x86/x86_64/numa_hotplug_emulator.txt to explain the usage for the hotplug emulator. Signed-off-by: Haicheng Li <haicheng.li(a)linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Shaohui Zheng <shaohui.zheng(a)intel.com> --- diff --git a/Documentation/... 13 May 2010 08:16
[RFC, 6/7] NUMA hotplug emulator
hotplug emulator:extend memory probe interface to support NUMA Extend memory probe interface to support an extra paramter nid, the reserved memory can be added into this node if node exists. Add a memory section(128M) to node 3(boots with mem=1024m) echo 0x40000000,3 > memory/probe And more we make it fri... 13 May 2010 08:16
trace, powerpc: Implement raw syscall tracepoints on PowerPC
On Thu, 2010-05-13 at 17:43 +1000, Ian Munsie wrote: From: Ian Munsie <imunsie(a)au.ibm.com> Hi Ian, Just a few comments .. This patch implements the raw syscall tracepoints on PowerPC required for ftrace syscalls. OK. It also adds a bunch of code under CONFIG_FTRACE_*, so does it implement raw sysca... 13 May 2010 08:16
[RFC, 3/7] NUMA hotplug emulator
Userland interface to hotplug-add fake offlined nodes. Add a sysfs entry "probe" under /sys/devices/system/node/: - to show all fake offlined nodes: $ cat /sys/devices/system/node/probe - to hotadd a fake offlined node, e.g. nodeid is N: $ echo N > /sys/devices/system/node/probe Signed-off-by: H... 13 May 2010 08:16
[GIT PULL] arch/microblaze fixes for 2.6.34-rc8
Hi Linus, please pull the following bug fixes. Thanks, Michal The following changes since commit be835674b55324c1abe973b15343c3663910c620: Linus Torvalds (1): Merge branch 'merge' of git://git.kernel.org/.../benh/powerpc are available in the git repository at: git://git.monstr.eu/linux-... 13 May 2010 08:16
[RFC,2/7] NUMA Hotplug emulator
x86: infrastructure of NUMA hotplug emulation NUMA hotplug emulator introduces a new node state N_HIDDEN to identify the fake offlined node. It firstly hides RAM via E820 table and then emulates fake offlined nodes with the hidden RAM. After system bootup, user is able to hotplug-add these offlined nodes, whic... 13 May 2010 08:16
[RFC,4/7] NUMA hotplug emulator
hotplug emulator: Abstract cpu register functions Abstract function arch_register_cpu and register_cpu, move the implementation details to a sub function with prefix "__". each of the sub function has an extra parameter nid, it can be used to register CPU under a fake NUMA node, it is a reserved interface for ... 13 May 2010 08:16